Audio Services


You’ve hired your video team of choice for the project that represents everything you’ve worked so hard towards.  This is the moment to show the world what your company or idea is all about. With the filming done and your project in editing, this is the culmination of your sacrifices and vision. Everything looks great! Then you hear the same prerecorded music and sounds that’ve been on countless other advertisements, web videos, and home projects. All of a sudden you find your video placed in a sea of imitations that you weren’t even aware you were trying to avoid.

That’s the Flashpoint Cinema difference.  We believe that sound can affect the viewer just as  a beautiful image and should be given the same level of detail.

You wouldn’t just download someone else’s video to express your vision, so why would you want to use someone else’s music?  Flashpoint Cinema will weave all the elements of sound together for your project: music, dialogue, sound effects, and silence. Everything must harmonize. 

Our resident composer and sound engineer is on hand to guide you through what your audience will experience when they tune in, to give you that truly original auditory experience that will make your project stand out. You have a story to tell.  Let us give that story a moving soundtrack that will bring your audience along with your vision.

Ryan, our Audio Composer and Technician, talks about why good audio and music are important.