Flashpoint Cinema is a Video Production Company that focuses on live production, training, and corporate storytelling.

Tell your story,

let us capture it.


If you need to capture your story, offer training to your audience, or document your event, you have come to the right place.


Video Streaming and BroadcasT

Make sure your event is streamed correctly the first time. We want to build a live experience that your clients and customers can enjoy across all devices. We use the latest in camera and streaming technology to reach your market in the moment.

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Live Event Documentation

Video content can promote brand recall and boost your site’s SEO. Whether you want to live-stream a large discussion panel to the world or simply archive a speaker with an AV presentation, we have the crew and the tech to provide each moment to your audience.                                                           

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Fundraising and corporate storytelling

Our team has years of experience in corporate and non-profit storytelling. We know how to impact investors and reach your customers and employees. We ensure your services and mission are understood by your audience. 



We create custom sounds and music for your video project or event. We are able to create that hook for your brand or an original soundtrack for your project. We make sure your audio needs are heard, loud and clear.

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Online Training Courses

Discover how simple it is to produce a video workshop or course using our services. We capture your expertise and assist in the best way to release your content to your audience. 


Photography Services

Everyone knows that modern photography is essential to an emerging brand. Our team captures highly detailed, contemporary images of your facilities, products, or event. 

Our Vision

Your content, to your audience, on your platform.


Flashpoint Cinema was founded in 2017 with the purpose of empowering communities, institutions, and individuals to be unstoppable towards achieving their goals. We do this through timeless video, digital video, and creating products and relationships that transform what’s possible.

Flashpoint Cinema is a creative content firm made up of locally renowned producers, writers, graphic designers, videographers and editors. We combine decades of narrative storytelling and technical expertise to produce purposeful and memorable short and long-form content for broadcast, digital and live event space. Our combined individual clients include major television networks, multinational technology companies, global non-profits, and many others.

Formed recently in 2017, Flashpoint Cinema’s content has already been seen and heard across the globe – from live streaming video, to social media, and on immersive websites. We are a certified LLC headquartered in Seattle. We are natives to the Pacific Northwest and have strong ties to the region. Most importantly, we listen to you and your message. This enables us to deliver results that get it right the first time. We know how to speak to your audiences – either national or niche. And we love it. When it comes to telling your story, we know that every moment matters.

Our video production company is made up of dreamers, calculated risk-takers, and people that will take your idea to the next level. We exist to share your vision with the world, and we look forward to putting our talents to use to push your organization forward.

Flashpoint Cinema

We start with a good base and build from there.


At Flashpoint Cinema we can take on any video project of any size, we work with a vast network of consultants and contractors to make sure we have the right team for your needs. Good video starts with strong base team. Our teammates are jack-of-all-trades, but have one or more skills they excel at as well.


Joseph Lambert

Joseph Lambert has been working as a video professional in Seattle for over a decade. While running his own photography company, Joe began working as the Managing Producer for Promotion Holdings Global Inc. and later a Studio Manager for Microsoft. Over the years, Joe has worked with many clients such as Blue C. Sushi, Rick Steves Tours, 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle Opera, and Olay, among others. With an emphasis on live broadcast and corporate storytelling, Joe helps companies spread their message.


Drew Witt

A fifteen-year veteran of video production, Drew has been a critical player in award-winning creative work across the spectrum of digital video including experiential, entertainment, and strategic content. He began his career working behind the camera and his since held senior roles in account management and business development. Drew has worked with such clients as ESPN, Animal Planet, DIY Network, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and Microsoft. His diverse background and knowledge of production enables him to expertly match the needs of new and returning clients with Flashpoint's capabilities.


Ryan Crump

Ryan Crump is our resident audio engineer and musician at Flashpoint Cinema. He has been producing audio, soundtracks for film and music in the Pacific Northwest for over fifteen years. Having also spent that time in the medical field as a Sleep Lab Technologist, Ryan understands what it means to walk the line between being artistic and fulfilling a company's vision for a good standard of quality. Ryan brings to Flashpoint Cinema the knowledge that getting a good image for your production is only half the battle; a real professional production sounds amazing as well. Working out of his professionally sound-treated studio in South Seattle, he is committed to making sure that this mantra permeates from every project that Flashpoint Cinema is involved in.



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